How to Solve Battlelog Battlefield Login Problem

Battlelog Battlefield Login Problem

When i just got Battlefield 3 i got the message:

Battle Feed not Activated ?

And when i tried to log in to the battlelog website, i got the message:

"Your account is not allowed to login".

I tried a few things and finaly i could log in to the battlelog website to activate the battle feed.

If you can't log in to battlelog then follow the instructions on this page to solve the problem and activate your battle feed.

The key is to connect your Playstation Network ID with your EA Master Account.


1. Go to

2. Choose to sign in using your account with:PSN (Playstation Network).

3. Sign In with your PSN Id name or your PSN e-mail address and your PSN password.

If you don't yet have a EA Master account, then Create a new EA Master account.

4. When you open your EA account you must be sure that you verified your email address, if not then verify your email address now.

5. At Console Characters you must see your Playstation Network ID.

So it's important to connect your Playstation Network ID with your EA Master Account.

6. Go to

7. Login with your EA Master account email address and EA Master account password.

This is how i solved my Battlelog login problem.


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